Wedding planner in Ibiza

Advantages of hiring a Wedding Planner in Ibiza

A Wedding Planner in Ibiza is an island professional who is responsible for the planning, coordination and management of all services and aspects related to the wedding. The Wedding Planner advises, guides and helps the bride and groom (or bride and bride, groom and groom) in everything related to the organization of their wedding on the island.

If it is true that Ibiza has become a famous wedding destination thanks to its paradisiacal environment, organizing a wedding in a foreign place can be very complicated. The language barrier, the lack of knowledge of the venue options when choosing, the search for quality suppliers, the contracting of each supplier, etc. There are so many complex tasks that are difficult to manage from outside Ibiza.

The Wedding Planner in Ibiza responds to these needs and represents a valuable support in this process.


1/ Professional organization

Organization without fail, budget tracking day-by-day, exact scheduling, coordination of each provider, presence and assistance during the big deal, the Wedding Planner in Ibiza knows where to start and where to look, knows the necessary deadlines and the result will be a success!

2/ Personalization for a unique wedding

One of the interests of organizing your wedding in Ibiza and being advised by a wedding planner in Ibiza is to be able to enjoy a very original wedding.

The Wedding Planner in Ibiza takes care of everything so that your wedding is totally personalized, and faithful to your image and wishes. From the advice, to the proposal of the suppliers and the decoration, to the catering service, your wedding will be unique, just like your partner.

3/ Experience and local presence

Organizing your wedding in a distant place can be very complicated and much less fun than it seems.

The Wedding Planner in Ibiza knows all the suppliers of the wedding industry in the market and works with the most recognized and valued professionals of the island, with no exclusivity or other interests other than that your wedding is absolutely perfect.

They also know the most charming places for the ceremony and the celebration and that can perfectly match to your search criteria.

In the same way, the couple is always free to choose the providers they want to hire for their wedding.

4/ Budget saving

Thanks to your contacts and agreements you can have with local providers, the wedding planner can negotiate with them discounts (according to the service and the period of the year) to fit the budget of the couple or other special conditions. Thus, the customer can benefit from more attractive rates than those that exist in the market or rates that they could negotiate on their behalf.

Besides, the Wedding Planner in Ibiza knows the market rates and can advise you on the average cost of each service on the island.

Remember that organizing a wedding in Ibiza requires a certain budget. Our team negotiates in favor of the client always looking for their benefit and the most advantageous conditions for him.

5/ Time saving

Delegating your wedding organization can be a very a significant time saver for the couple. There are numerous hours dedicated to the search, selection, hiring, coordination of all the services required for the wedding. Even more so if the wedding takes place in a place where the couple is not a resident. It is always recommended to organize visits and previous appointments with contracted suppliers in order to meet them, see the site, comment on their expectations, etc. With the presence of your Wedding Planner in Ibiza, each step is simplified.

6/ No stress, organize with pleasure

There are so many things to think about and do, that organizing this magical day can turn into a real nightmare.

The Wedding Planner accompanies the couple, taking them by the hand at each stage so that the process is completely fun and you can relax, trusting with the help of a professional wedding planner.

6/ Learn more about us, your Wedding Planner in Ibiza

Our team knows Ibiza, we rely on only the best venues and are backed by the island’s most trusted suppliers from transport to accommodation to decoration. We are exigent and will deliver the day of your dreams, and the only thing you’ll have to stress about is the beginning of an amazing new adventure as a married couple.

Please spend a few moments, after reviewing the advantages above, to browse our website and get more information on our services and how we can plan you the perfect wedding in Ibiza for you. We personalize everything and suggest contacting one of our wedding planners at Eventa Ibiza so we can begin walking you through the exciting process of getting married in Ibiza.